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Are your heads in the right place?

Several years ago when I first noticed the now familiar mosquito control system I was installing a backyard landscape when I spied an unusual looking nozzle thingy perched up on the eve of the neighbor’s home. Like any curious landscape irrigator, I followed the small ¼” tubing down the roofline of the house around to the side, down to the ground and over to a funny looking tank the size of a trash can with a pump on top.

When I questioned the home owner I was working for at the time about it he said “That is one of those new mosquito control systems”. I then remember reading about one of these systems and I thought I need to learn more about these systems and get one for myself. After about a year of research trial and error on my own I had my system in my back yard and just like the first one I saw I too was spraying mosquitoes about ten feet up off of the ground sending overspray anywhere the wind would take it. Since I had no formal training, how was I supposed to know that the real control was down in the foliage and in the low areas behind the storage buildings and amongst the trees in the back yard. I was guilty of faulty head placement.

In an era of Global Warming and Ecological Awareness we all need to be aware of what we do and how it effects the environment and others. As I learned working with the leaders in mosquito control and mist cooling “Cloudburst Inc”. And as I became one of their first authorized dealers in the country I came to understand the importance of head placement and just where the mosquitoes are so the systems that I now install are targeted where the mosquitoes actually hang out.

While there are times when heads need to be placed up high for unique applications I hope that others will take the lessons to heart that this mosquito wrangler has learned and get their heads in the right place.

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