Commercial Misting Systems Application-Professional Installation

Commercial Misting Application

Commercial Misting systems are used for restaurants, day-care centers, produce misting, resort misting.
We are the market leaders in professional installation of commercial misting systems, with our highest standards of misting kits.

Industrial Misting System


  • Specially designed for commercial and Industrial customers
  • Pre-threaded nozzle risers allow ease of installation in any location. Great for large warehouses, manufacturing facilities, foundries, industrial plants, refineries, garbage sorting facilities and construction sites.
  • Durable stainless steel mist line has life time warranty and is rated for 2000psi. This low maintenance, energy-efficient fogging systems is designed to perform consistently under the most extreme conditions.
  • Recommended for use in variety of cooling, fogging, humidification, dust – odor control, pre-cooling and many other applications. Custom length and nozzle spacing options are available.


  • Welded stainless steel mist line for ease of installation
  • Ultimate durability with lifetime warranty on SS Mist Line
  • Reduced friction and pressure loss compared to flexible tubing
  • Great for Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Custom made, high flow and explosion proof mist pumps are available
  • Custom spacing on stainless steel mist line available on request

Industrial Misting System


  • Hydrobreeze, a leader in the mist cooling industry, has taken this enormous cooling power and engineered it into specific systems designed to use the least amount of resources while dramatically increasing the cooling efficiency of industrial air cooled systems. These systems are categorized into 2 main types:
  • Evaporative Air Pre-Cooling: Here we use high pressure pumps
  • Evaporative Air & Direct Heat Exchange Pre-Cooling: Here we use lower pressure pumps, larger atomizing nozzles and automated controls to achieve a combination of air cooling and direct Heat Exchange water cooling.
  • Our Pre-cooling Systems can be used on any air-cooled AC/refrigeration, Cooling Towers and other equipment For more information or for formal quote.


  • Energy consumption is reduced – Coefficient of performance (COP) is increased
  • Life of condenser is extended – Cools air up to 40 degrees
  • Works in humid or dry climates
  • Lower start up and operating cost

Check out videos of professional misting systems installations:

Patio Misting System Installation

Outdoor Restaurant Misting Installation

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