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Cool wind blowin

There is a cool wind blowing across the northern suburbs of the Houston area and more than likely will blow a cool breeze in your neighborhood soon. Hydro Breeze LLC., a new company located in Spring TX. Is offering something new to the landscapes of The Woodlands, TX. Spring TX. And all across Harris and Montgomery Co.

With addition of high pressure mist cooling Hydro Breeze is bringing comfort to the backyard areas of homeowners wanting to get full use of the investment of there backyard pools, patios and outdoor kitchens.

High pressure mist cooling or flash cooling takes water and breaks it into tiny droplets about 10 microns which is smaller than the diameter of a human hair. These small particles of water evaporate quickly releasing energy that cools the air.

Founder – landscape Irrigator with 20 years experience in the landscape industry believes that mist cooling will become as prevalent as irrigation systems in the next ten years.

He says it not only does a great job cooling the air temps quite often about 20 degrees lower it also is just fun. Mist or fog looks very inviting and adds a certain ambiance to the landscape.

When added to trees, walkways, waterfalls and other features the effect in mesmerizing. It is a soothing as the sound of water appealing to the senses of sight and feel.

When asked about the effectiveness in humid areas, the founder is quick to explain how the use of new technology primarily the nozzles used and the addition of properly placed fans have enabled the mist professionals to cool you without getting you wet. While the temperature drop is more dramatic in dryer less humid climates the benefits in humid areas will be about a 20 degree drop in temperatures.

Hydro Breeze is currently working with several restaurants that have outdoor eating areas and the public will notice more mist cooling in high profile areas like The Woodlands Mall, The Market at the Woodlands and surrounding areas.

Hydro Breeze is an authorized dealer for Cloudburst the industry leaders in mist cooling and Mosquito Coast mosquito control systems and has gone through a complete comprehensive training program to ensure a high quality installation.

For more information on Hydro Breeze, LLC go to www.hydrobreeze.com.

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