Global warming?

Some think we have the power to actually change the climate of the earth just by what we do. Others will try to warn of great climatic doom and gloom coming soon. These confused folks give us much more credit for the power to control the global climate than we actually have.

Well I don’t know about Global Warming but I do know about mist cooling and the power we have over our immediate environment and how we can and need to cool the areas we work and play in.

It used to be you could control the environment meaning the temperature and humidity in our homes and cars. We could also manipulate a greenhouse to control the temperature, humidity and sunlight. Well now it is possible to control the outside temperatures in the areas we work and play.

You have seen the college football and professional football teams sidelines which now seem to all have mist cooling fans used during early hot games to bring the players temperatures back to a level below heat exhaustion. That same technology is being used in backyards, animal enclosures, playgrounds, restaurants, and manufacturing plants to do the same thing, manipulate the temperatures in hot summer months. Cooler temperatures means more productivity in manufacturing, more profits at outdoor eateries, happier more productive animals and lots more fun in the backyard.

Mist cooling will probably be one of the most influential additions to the landscape and outdoors that we have seen since the introduction of the swimming pool. Imagine living in an area which hits summer temperatures in August of 95 degrees plus, and lowering that to around 75degrees. Now that’s what I call climate manipulation.

While the so called experts are worrying about Global Warming and a 1 degree increase in temperature I will be lowering mine by 20.

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