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Landscape – An evolution of lifestyle

Over the last twenty years the landscaping of our homes has changed and evolved into a multifaceted industry. The choices one has to enhance the outdoor areas are numerous and include: playground systems, swimming pools with elaborate water features, outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, ponds, intimate fire places, aesthetic lighting not to mention the choices of perennials, annuals and specialty plants spotted in and around these backyard wonderlands.

People seem to want to extend there homes to include the outdoors and offer their families more choices to keep them occupied and at home. With the threat of terrorism which has occurred over the last six years and the rising cost to travel, many families are creating their own backyard oasis, which complements their array of choices inside the home like video games, media rooms, spa like bathrooms and very up to date kitchens.

With all of the choices they have at their disposal, one would not have to venture out as all of the things any family would want can be created on site.

With the new landscaped areas bringing the families out into their backyard getaways comes a new way to help make those investments more usable year around.

Enter the high pressure mist cooling system. Mist cooling is the newest way to cool outdoor areas efficiently and economically – making the backyard oasis usable just about year round. Mist cooling was once relegated to theme parks and dry climate areas, but not any more. With the development of new technologies, the mist cooling systems can even cool outdoor areas in humid climates like the Gulf Coast. These are successfully being cooled by as much as 20 degrees without getting people wet.

Twenty years ago, who would have thought you could not only have these wonderful outdoor extensions of your home but be able to lower the temperature outside from 95 degrees to 75. Who knows what the future will bring to the backyard next. But for my money… cooler temperatures in August… that’s what I call a Landscape Evolution of Lifestyle

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