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Mist Cooling and Mosquito Control – Two Birds with One Stone

Well in this case solve two problems with one company. The two biggest things to overcome when it comes to enjoying the outdoors in South Texas, is heat and mosquitoes. Enter Hydro Breeze the only company from Galveston to The Woodands and all of Houston in between maybe in all of Texas that has solutions for both. Imagine sitting out in your new back yard oasis complete with pool, outdoor kitchen, covered patio and lush gardens and actually enjoying this huge investment.No other company can give you solutions like Hydro Breeze. No other company has the experience in mosquito control coupled with mist cooling to achieve results like Hydro Breeze, and no other company has the landscape and horticultural background to combine all of the elements from design to installation to execution of all of the components from outdoor lighting to plant selection that Hydro Breeze brings to the table.

If you want the latest in tank less, automatic mosquito control that utilizes totally organic solutions for fighting flying insects Hydro Breeze is your answer. If you want the latest technology in “dusk to dawn” mosquito control Hydro Breeze, if you want an inexpensive solution to mosquito control without the bells and whistles well its Hydro Breeze again.

Couple the choices of mosquito control with our solutions to reduce the heat and you have almost achieved Shangri-La. With our custom designed misting systems we can cool any outdoor area by as much as 20 degrees in the summer. Through the use of high pressure mist known as flash or evaporative cooling and convective cooling, which is fans or air movement we have achieved amazing results leaving our customers cool and dry at the same time.

Well there you have it the solutions for the two biggest problems the outdoors can hit you with in the summer and the only company that can solve both problems. Hydro Breeze, “making outdoor life livable”.

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