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No Cooling For Old Men

Recently I had the privilege of experiencing a home show. You no where all kinds of companies bring their products and services to an arena and demonstrate there wares to the public. This was Hydro Breeze’s coming out so to speak. We were there to show people and demonstrate the wonderful world of mist.Well quite an experience it was with close to 8,000 people per show for two weekends in a row one at the Berry Center which was the Cypress Home Show and the second weekend at the Woodlands Home Show. I had the privilege of meeting all kinds of folks and explaining the virtues of mist cooling.

Let me tell you what a great place for people watching a home show can be. You get all kinds. Big ones, little ones, nice ones, mean ones, believers and skeptics. You see I had my booth set up to demonstrate actual mist cooling so when people would come by I would hit the remote control sending a dry mist across the isle and then see what the reaction was. Well it wasn’t always as I would have hoped. Some would cringe at the sight of the mist as if they were going to be catching a disease, children would run to it and beg for more, women would put their hands over their hair and protect their peculiar doos and it almost became a game to see what the reaction would be.

The one constant in the whole mist show experience was the old men. These guys would come down the isle trying to avoid any eye contact and determined not to talk to any of the exhibitors. When they saw the mist they would immediately scowl and say “that will never work Houston, Texas, too much humidity”. That was it, they were not going to listen to the fact that the new technology reduces the size of a water droplet to around 10 microns; they would not have anything to do with fact that evaporative cooling coupled with convective cooling or fans could get you cool without getting you wet. August in Houston, Texas was hot and by god that was the way it had always been and that was the way it was going to stay.

Well I tried every technique I new and nothing would bring them over to the cool side and by the end of the last day of the last show I finally had to accept the fact. No Cooling For Old Men

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