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Outdoor Cooling

At Hydrobreeze we are dedicated to designing, installing, renting, and maintaining high pressure outdoor cooling systems to enhance quality of life in outdoor areas.

Hydrobreeze, LLC. was born out of the need to make the outdoor living areas such as pools, patios, and outdoor kitchens, more comfortable and useable in the hot summer months.

Our high quality range of products are Made in USA and offer an economical and affordable solution to your outdoor cooling.

Restaurant Misting System


Outdoor Cooling
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Outdoor Cooling
Outdoor cooling with our patio misting systems, misting fan, pool cooler. Hydrobreeze mistcooling kits can be used with low pressure-running of your standard garden hose, mid pressure with a 160 PSI booster pump or 250 PSI misting pump and high pressure using our 1000 psi oil-less misting pumps or 1500 psi using our whisper quiet misting pumps.

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