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Outdoor Misting Fans

  • In summer, fans can increase your discomfort by blowing out hot air. Our misting fan systems, help reduce this comfort by turning your normal ordinary fan into a misting fan.
  • Simply attach our low pressure misting fan ring to your fan,connect the 6ft feed line to your standard garden hose, and you are ready to enjoy the cool breeze, in minutes. Our misting fan kits are made with the highest quality flexible tubing and misting nozzles, to ensure you get the most out of your misting system.
  • However, because the low pressure misting fan can result in wet surfaces, you can opt for the mid pressure misting fan system which uses a 160 PSI or 250 PSI misting pump to produce finer mist, faster cooling and low residual water.A mid pressure misting fan system will also cover a larger area than the low pressure misting fan system.Mid pressure misting fan systems can be used for residential misting applications,outdoor portable misting.
  • For even faster cooling, fogging mist and no residual water, you can use our 1500 PSI high pressure misting fan system, with our stainless steel mist rings.The high pressure misting fan systems is ideal for restaurant cooling, outdoor patio misting, industrial warehouse cooling, dust control systems.All our fans are UL certified for outdoor use, are corrosion resistant and are quiet in operation.
  • Our patented, center misting fan hub system, is a new addition to the misting fan line. Simply fix the misting hub to your fan, with the KBN misting nozzle, and enjoy the cool refreshing air. The upgrade option of a magnetic center misting hub, enables you to attach the misting hub to any fan, with no tools.
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