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Rental Misting Fans & Misting Tents


Hydro Breeze uses the latest technology in high pressure evaporative cooling available. Our goal is to cool you and make your outdoor experience more enjoyable.

Multiple Fan Rentals We can deliver and set up groups of four—24” pedestal fans with pumps, cords, hoses, in any setting Tent Mister Attach fans to tent poles and furnish all pumps, hoses and cords Open Area Cooling Design and install temporary mist cooling lines over festival areas or street parties and gatherings

Mobile Misting System and Mosquito Misting System for all outdoor activities.

Call us now (832-585-4047) to get a quote for our solution to the Summer Heat!
Delivery set up & pickup apply over 30 miles

One Tripod, Two 18″ Misting Fans, Pump, Cords

  Delivery set up & pickup apply over 30 miles

Two Sets of Above Tripod

Delivery set up & pickup apply over 30 miles

Misting Fan Rental & Misting Tent Rentals

10 x10 TENT Comes with High Pressure Pump cords etc Set up and Take Down Additional Set up costs may apply Delivery set up & pickup apply over 30 miles

Inflatable Misting Systems

Inflatable Misting Tent



  • 13 x 13 x 11 Feet Inflatable with 30 Nozzle Misting System. Can be used with our 250 PSI Mid Pressure or 1500 PSI High Pressure Misting Pump. Easy to assemble, and set up for all outdoor events.
  • Please contact us to schedule a rental :  info@hydrobreeze.com or sales@hydrobreeze.com

Inflatable Misting Arc:

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