Misting Pumps | VFD Pump | Direct Drive Pump | 1500 PSI Misting Pump

High pressure misting is possible with misting pump. Mist Pumps produce finer misting with high-pressure pumps using misting nozzles with smaller orifices. The Misting pumps are direct drive, with flow rate of up to 3 GPM ( Gallons per Minute). For the high quality misting, we recommend using 1500 PSI high-pressure pumps, the kinds used in theme parks. We also have mist system pumps with pulley drive and VFD misting pumps.

Misting pumps can be used with misting fans, by branching off the misting line with a coupling tee fitting. Mistcooling misting pumps used high quality motor to ensure perfect outdoor cooling and industrial misting applications.

Applications of Misting System with Misting Pumps Include:

  • Patio Misting System for Residential Misting
  • Restaurant Misting System
  • Produce Case Misting Systems
  • Greenhouse Misting System
  • Outdoor Cooling
  • Industrial Misting Application
  • Dust Control Misting or dust suppression misting system
  • Odor control misting
  • Fogging System – Create Fog with 1500 PSI misting pump
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