Shopping Cart Sanitizer for Grocery Stores

Dirty carts are a source of cross contamination, with residual food bacteria, cold and influenza germs, common viruses and other infectious germs, infant bodily fluids and secretions, common chemicals and more! Solution: Sanitize the shopping carts. However, doing so is not a long term solution, as it is both labor intensive, costly, not 100% effective and is not 360 degrees. Our shopping cart sanitizer resolves all these issues with these features:
  • Made in USA – Pump & Motor
  • Compatible with most sanitizers in the market
  • All products are Designed, Built, Tested, Shipped and Warrantied from our facility in Houston, TX!
  • Ships completely assembled – plug & play
  • Easy to clean
  • Can sanitize multiple shopping carts at the same time
  • Dimensions : 41.5″ x 25.5″ x 49.5″
  • Can be customized with company logos
  • 8 Hours Continuous Use per fill
  • Fast ROI, saves manpower from tedious chore of hand spraying each cart
  • Buy, Rent or Rent to buy options available
  • Call us for demonstration in Houston TX & surrounding areas.
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