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Houston Mosquito Control Systems

Mosquito Control System in Houston | Houston Mosquito Misting System

Infamous for being swamped with legions of mosquitoes, living in Houston can be difficult, especially after heavy downpours of rain or the kind of historic flooding that the Houstonians experienced in April. The main reason for these pestering bugs hovering around your home is the standing water left behind by rain or floods. Standing water is what provides mosquitoes with a prime breeding habitat which often makes it impossible to control and keep your turf mosquito-free while the dense foliage in your garden provides them with an excellent hiding spot. If they continue to breed in and around your turf, these buzzing creatures can become a big nuisance for you and your family in the long run. These pests can also pose health related threats by transmitting dangerous diseases like the West Nile Virus, Encephalitis and Malaria. But what if there was a mosquito control system that could help you keep mosquitoes away from your home? If that is what you need, invest in our mist cooling system for mosquito control in Houston. Our system is unlike any other! It is a revolutionary mosquito misting system engineered exclusively to keep your turf free from mosquitoes. The system can be installed to target natural breeding areas of mosquitoes in and around your residential landscape. It can be targeted and used smartly to spray mist directly into the flower beds so that it penetrates into the dense foliage, chasing away the mosquitoes from your turf.
Mosquito Control Systems

Mosquito Misting System- How does it Work?

  • Automatic
  • Safe for humans and bees
  • Pyrethrin based
  • Free Estimate in Houston & Surrounding areas
  • Do it yourself System – Free Installation in Houston and Surrounding
  • Maintenance Plan available
  Designed to repel and kill mosquitoes, this misting system features a 55 gallon drum that is filled carefully with vector ban insecticide and covered with a cutting edge technology pump that works like a sprinkler. The ultra fine stainless steel anti drip misting nozzles are then installed on a flexible tubing that is placed along the fence line and attached to the mosquito misting system. Each nozzle in this misting system is installed approximately 10 feet apart. Vector ban insecticide is sprayed through these misting nozzles into the air, flower beds and other areas of your residential landscape that serve as mosquito hiding spots. Vector ban is an insecticide comprising of 10 percent Permethrin, an ingredient proven to keep flies, mosquitoes and other types of insects away. This insecticide does not do any harm to your equipment. And since it stays suspended in the solution, no mixing or stirring of the suspension is needed. Apart from this, it comes with an automatic digital timer which can be set according to your needs. The timer enables you to spray your turf with vector ban at your desired time intervals.

System Features :

Base Kit Includes: –
  • High Performance Pump assembly with Automatic Digital Timer and Weather Proof Enclosure
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 30 or 55 Gallon Reservoir (Color may vary)
  • Vector Ban Insecticide (Makes 2 refills for 55 Gallon drum)
  • 500ft ¼’’UV resistant flexible tubing (Can easily be extended)
  • 10 Cleanable Fog Pin Brass/Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles – Antidrip
  • 10 Push Lock Misting Tees
  • All necessary fittings (Inlet/Outlet fittings, end plugs & clamps)
  • Installation and Maintenance Instructions Manual
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Installation, Service & Rental – Misting Systems | Misting Fan Systems | Mosquito Control Systems HEAT CONTROL BY MIST COOLING Hydro breeze misting systems install the best patio misting system and misting fan systems for your outdoor cooling and mosquito control systems in Houston Texas. Say hello to outdoor comfort. Say hello to Hydro Breeze Misting Systems. The Houston metro areas solution to outdoor heat in the summer. Let us help you to create the ultimate in outdoor cooling comfort for patios, outdoor kitchens, playgrounds, pools or outdoor living places you want to be comfortable to live, work and play with our Professional Misting Systems Installation. At Hydrobreeze we instal the best mosquito control systems Houston with our highly effective outdoor remote controlled mosquito misting systems, to provide you an effective solution to controlling mosquitoes and pests. Call us or chat with us to get a free quote for your mosquito system. We do installation of mosquito systems and repair of all mosquito systems. Our goal is to cool you off in the summer and remove unwanted pest, making your outdoor experience more enjoyable with our best misting systems and mosquito control systems. Hydro Breeze misting systems is the only company in the greater Houston area specializing in installing outdoor cooling misting systems for indoor and outdoor cooling applications, solving heat and insect related problems. Residential Outdoor Cooling reducing temperatures with a combination of evaporative and convective techniques.
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